We Are The Defiant Few

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Task: Write 10 things about yourself and pass it on to 10 followers.

  1. I’ve written an 80,000 word novel and have been editing it for the last three years.
  2. I don’t like any drinks other than milk, juice or water (pretty literally - no alcohol, no soda, no coffee, no tea, etc.)
  3. I’ve played the violin for 12 years and the trumpet for 7 years. (I’m in the marching band at my school with trumpet).
  4. I have celiac disease. 
  5. My family has fostered 22 dogs in the last seven years.
  6. Only about 20% of my iPod is English music. Most of the rest is Korean, and I have a small amount of Spanish and Norwegian music as well. I’m always open to new music suggestions.
  7. I’m in my senior year of high school and I thought it would be fun but it’s actually really stressful and thinking about college makes it even worse.
  8. I’m interested in theatre, creative writing, and photography, but I only actually practice the latter two. I’d love to be an actor but I don’t have the confidence for it.
  9. I’ve been riding horses since I was 6 years old. 
  10. When I was ten I mispronounced ‘velociraptor’ as ‘vee-loh-crap-tor’ and my family has not let me forget it since. 

Okay… I have too many followers to tag only ten people (and my mom is asking me to make a college list for her). So: if you have any desire to do this whatsoever, do it! Just tag me so that I can see your answers. :)

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Julie Benz | Selfie game too strong
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cbandpoforever → I agree wholeheartedly with your point of view on Pottinger/Amanda. :) But I want Season 3 to see it play out the way it deserves. :/ I have a theory though that if she tried to leave he'd be abusive, and his true colors would start to show.

Okay, I wouldn’t get me started on Stahma and Datak, haha. I can’t decide if I love or hate this relationship. Datak is an asshole 110% of the time; at least Stahma pretends to be nice (and in my opinion she does actually care for Christie) but they’re both seriously messed up and they’ve both killed plenty of people. I think they both love each other but I think that every moment they spend together is more detrimental to themselves and everyone around them. :p I don’t think they should be living together again, and I agree with Christie; I don’t want Datak with 500 feet of her or her child.

As for Amanda and Pottinger, I ship it. I like what you said, that they both bring out the darkest nature in each other. I like them doing things together because I like their interactions, and I definitely want to see Amanda realize what all else he’s done because the dynamic in their relationship will change drastically and I really look forward to that. 

That’s an interesting theory, too. He’s been nice to her directly so much in the past that I really wonder how he would handle things if she actually rejected him. 

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cbandpoforever → Also: If I write post-finale fic this year, it will probably be Pottinger/Amanda with hints of Nolan/Amanda (though I would do a sequel of Nolan/Amanda because that's just my thing). :)

I am TOTALLY down with that. :p

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Anonymous → what was the point of all the sex this season? like it was so ramped up from season one and it didnt hold much narrative importance

I’d ask the writers if I were you. :p

Honestly I don’t really care about sex or no sex either way on tv. I watch younger shows with none and enjoy them and I’ve seen episode of stuff like GoT and loved that too. 

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Anonymous → i was directing at the people who think he is deserving if her affection sorry i wasn't clear about that

Ah! Okay. I just wasn’t sure. Yeah, I definitely agree. From Amanda’s point of view I’m sure he is very nice. From ours… he’s pretty much the exact opposite. 

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Anonymous → All Niles did for Amanda, like coercing Doc Yewll into creating another indosapien to try and get to Amanda and compromising Yewlls morality. Such a sweet guy. Or kidnapping Her sisters killers and handing her the gun so she could off them herself. Totally deserving of affection and forgiveness that guy. Like wow what a heartthrob

Are you directing this at me, or at the people who think he deserves her affection? I’ll assume it was directed at me since I’m not sure.

The thing is, that’s what we know. We are the viewers and we can see behind-the-scenes. I’m not saying he’s a sweet guy. He’s fucked up. I did say that I think that at one point, many years ago, he was a truly sweet guy and now he has serious issues. All I’m just saying that from Amanda’s point of view, he is a sweet guy. He wanted her to be his consultant for help with Defiance. He comes and talks to her at the NeedWant. He talks to her about the things she doesn’t share; he was there for her when she needed Adreno, when she was upset about her hallucinations and stalker. He made her dinner and gave her roses. If someone did all of that for me (except for the drugs, but I’m not Amanda) I would think they were pretty damn sweet. Handing her the gun aside, but as we very clearly saw in the episode she understood why he did it and even felt grateful in a sense. 

So… it’s all in the point of view. 

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cbandpoforever → So how'd you like the finale? :)

I LOVED IT. Mostly. I mean, all in all it was a great wrap-up of the season, even if some of the events were sad or upsetting (and I love them, but I don’t love them… you know?) Haha. It was fantastic. A+, 10/10, would cry over again. I just hope that we’re graced with a third season because this show deserves it and I’m dying to see the cast in their roles again. 

Azet’s input: I’m still crying on and off. I’m the captain of a damaged ghost ship now…

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A Defiance Season 2 Playlist


Just a few songs that popped into my head during this season of #Defiance, in THIRTEEN songs! (ooooooooooooooh):

1. Count Those Freaks - Whitey

2. Walk In The Dark - Whitey 

3. Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden 

4. Big Empty - Stone Temple Pilots

5. Doll Parts - Hole 

6. Utopia - Goldfrapp 

7. My God Is The Sun - Queens Of The Stone Age 

8. Free Falling - Tom Petty 

9. The Gravedigger’s Song - Mark Lanegan Band 

10. Can’t Get You Outta My Head - Kylie Minogue 

11. Chase The Devil - Eagles of Death Metal 

12. Slippin’ Into Darkness - War

13. Wig In A Box - Hedwig and The Angry Inch Soundtrack

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Defiance panel at Dragon Con Sat 2014

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