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SDCC 2014

Is anyone going to be at the Defiance panel tomorrow? Like/reblog if so. :) I’d like to know who’s going to be there!

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Brought on by the following:

@HellBugsInLove: @deathtodickens commission: #Defiance cast in minivan to #SDCC @juliebenz wants to shave @MsJaimeMurray has to pee @GrantBowler is snoring

@juliebenz: Obviously @TonyCurran69 RT @deathtodickens: @HellbugsInLove @juliebenz @MsJaimeMurray @GrantBowler Who is driving this “whambulance”?

All for the love of these sweet, vicious, red velvety hellbugs.


Brought on by the following:

@HellBugsInLove: @deathtodickens commission: #Defiance cast in minivan to #SDCC @juliebenz wants to shave @MsJaimeMurray has to pee @GrantBowler is snoring

@juliebenz: Obviously @TonyCurran69 RT @deathtodickens: @HellbugsInLove @juliebenz @MsJaimeMurray @GrantBowler Who is driving this “whambulance”?

All for the love of these sweet, vicious, red velvety hellbugs.

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Did Defiance World/actors actually agree to use the tag I suggested on twitter for comiccon or was #DefianceSDCC already the tag?

EDIT: I think it was already the tag, but I had no idea. I must be psychic.

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Anonymous → I think Nolan and Berlin was almost universally disliked last night. that hook up was so random

It was pretty random, I agree. And weird, given that Nolan is Tommy’s boss and the father of his old girlfriend. I can’t argue that’s a little messed up.

But honestly, to each his own. I didn’t particularly dislike it; I didn’t particularly like it. Defiance, surprisingly, is a show I don’t get very passionate about shipping; I suppose I love everything about it too much to concentrate on relationships. 

I sincerely doubt it will continue. I think this one was a “you’re attractive and I’d really like to hook up with you tonight” moment, plain and simple. But I know there are a few shippers of this pairing out there, so all the best luck to them. 

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The daunting thing was trying to make the characters as close to the game as possible but still be practical. The game designs were fantastic but very impractical. We couldn’t digitally widen an actor’s eyes in every episode for example, so there were certain looks where we had to compromise on the design. (x)

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Why boobs?


So, just let me get this Gulanee thing clear…

The Gulanee are a species simply existing as energy, right? This is why they need their suits, otherwise they would dissipate. I can accept that.

What I am asking myself here is… why does a species that is simply made of energy have a two gender system?

And… why does a Gulanee, who is simply made of energy wear a containment suit with well… notches for boobs? Like… they don’t have boobs? Why put boob notch there?

So even if there are male and female energy blobs called Gulanee. WHY on earth do the females wear those suits which are clearly earth-woman shaped but have four arms?

Is it because the other Votan races wondrously seem to have a two gender system for no reason, too? Just asking. I can imagine the Votan races communicate…

Liberata: “Yeah, the Gulanee asked if they could come with us to this other planet to save their asses.”

Castithan: “The who?”

Liberata: “The Gulanee.”

Castithan: “The who?”

Liberata: “Oh forcryingoutloud, I’m just gonna show you. Here. A Gulanee.”

Gulanee: *greeting screeching noises*

Liberata: “Yeah, I am sorry, he wanted to see you.”

Castithan: “So is it a man or a woman, then?”

Liberata: “What?”

Castithan: “Is it male of female? I’m asking because I don’t know if I can respect it or not.”

Liberata: “…what?”

Gulanee: *disbelieving screeching noises*

Liberata: “You must be kidding me.”

Castithan: “I don’t know how to deal with this. I have to know wether it is male or female to know if I have to respect it or not.”

Liberata: “It’s an energy blob.”

Castithan: “Yeah, but is it a man energy blob or a woman energy blob?”

Gulanee: *confused screeching noises*

Liberata: “You have some serious issues, dude!”

Indogene (who has watched this conversation): “Oh my hexagonic shape! Let’s just randomly shape the Gulanee’s suits male and female so even the Castithans will be able to speak with them. I am surrounded by idiots!”

Gulanee: *anxious screeching noises*

No, but seriously, Defiance. I really like you. But why boobs? Why always human gender system? I don’t think so. They needed 5000 years to get to us. I don’t think they would have the same gender system we have.

Especially since some of them are only bloody ENERGY BLOBS.

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2.06 This woman’s work

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« Two best things Scotch produce, single malt and poets. »

This Woman’s Work, Defiance, 2.06

Allan Arkush (D), Brian Allen Alexander (S), 24/07/14

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Sci-Fi Vision Exclusive Interviews


Exclusive: Defiance’s Nicole Muñoz Talks Bath Time with the Tarrs

Exclusive: Defiance’s Trenna Keating on Sex, Love, and Prosthetics

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